oh no a picture of the dead kid with his dead mom

this singer keeps wailing in the background

single manly tear of manliness

this burden is too heavy and the sorrow too great. now he’s probably gonna drink a glass of whisky while looking at his gun

dean standing over the flames

soulful saxophone solo can heard in the background


it’s not even like


it’s not even about like

"i need to learn not to conflate genitals w gender so i can avoid reblogging a text post that will make ppl on tumblr mad"

it’s honestly not just like. playing this game of minesweeper where u just try not to reblog stuff that will make ppl mad at u

that’s not the point

the point is “i need to learn not to conflate genitals w gender so that i can UNLEARN violent, oppressive, harmful thought patterns about trans ppl”

and part of that is not reblogging rhetoric that supports those thought patterns

but at the end of the day it’s not about avoiding transphobic posts on a blogging website

it’s about changing the way we think about trans ppl bc we’ve been taught to think awful, horrible, invalidating, dehumanizing things about them and we have to take responsibility for that and do everything in our power to get rid of that shit so that we don’t hurt the people around us

the goal should not be to see a text post that says “penis = man” and think “i shouldn’t reblog this post bc it includes wording that ppl will call out as transphobic”

the goal should be to see a text post that says “penis = man” and think “i’m not going to reblog that because it’s incorrect”




advantages to wearing oversized sweaters:

  • instant cute outfit with minimal effort
  • it enhances the coziness when u drink hot beverages
  • sweater paws are guaranteed to make u feel 43% more adorable
  • u can unbutton ur jeans and no one will know

disadvantages to wearing oversized sweaters:

Guys think they’re totally not cute lol

the day i dress for a man is the day they dress me in my coffin to see jesus


Decided to do a quick color-mixing study in acrylic :) 

Nicole Tang


this is an ideal level of paint handling