my new icon is The Best Icon u cant tell me otherwise

im gonna dress sexy for this exam because 1) it makes me feel good and 2) im p sure my philosophy teacher is a pervert so yk


'you can't just exclude us from from all of your spaces, that's so rude!! how would you like it if WE said that people like YOU weren't allowed in our spaces??'

well son u may want to be sitting down for this next part

there is something deeply upsetting about this picture of me and it’s probably that it’s on facebook and 17 people already liked it, probably unironically, and i look like im taking myself so seriously im gonna have an aneurysm

i want to watch the last episode of GoT but i’d really like to know first, does Jaime actually rape Cersei in it? or is that just spoilers for an upcoming episode? 

i keep getting angry about the school system here and i started ranting about it for the third time saturday night while i was kinda drunk and just to say im so glad my friends still want to be around me

my english teacher is fucking up everything again and i am going to end him 

tense??? me??? no. never